2017 Best Back Massager Reviews & Comparison

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When it comes to the most used muscle in the human body, most if not all are found on our backs. Without our backs, there is little we can do in the way of engaging in activities that will better our lives.

Since we use our backs in a majority of the day-to-day activities that we get involved in to improve the quality of our lives, it is only expected that sooner or later, we begin to experience pains, soreness, and tightness of our back muscles.

Getting a good back massager will go a long way in alleviating such soreness or pains in our backs and get us back on track again.

What is a Back Massager?

A back massager is a device that imitates a real massage using hardware technology. Several models of back massagers are in the market today, each one designed to help in getting rid of stress, tightness, and soreness of the muscles, etc. so that you can feel a lot better. Using a back massager will not only get rid of extreme pains and aches, but you will enjoy a massage experience that will put your body and mind in a state of complete relaxation.

Some of these back massagers are portable devices, and that means you can take them with you anywhere you are going and you will enjoy the benefits of a good massage anywhere, anytime!

Top Three Best Back Massagers

We have helped you to compile the best three back massagers that will relieve you of pain in your back and upper shoulders. Let us go through one after the other, shall we?

1. Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massage Tool

Do you suffer from one form of back pain or the other as you go about your daily activities? Have you tried, on your own, to reach those problematic muscles in your back but to no avail?

Well, you don’t need to pester your loved ones for a massage when you get your hands on one of the best back massagers in the market today. This product boasts of eleven therapy knobs that can reach any part of your body, especially your back without much trouble. Get rid of stress and muscle tightness with this tool and stop wasting your money on masseurs!


  • It is recommended for use by health and fitness professionals
  • It comes with comprehensive instruction guide
  • Its multifunctional eleven-inch design makes it perfect for use by any adult
  • It is cost effective
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It is made of long-lasting BPA-free plastic


  • It breaks under extreme pressure


2. HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Massager

If your goal is to loosen tense spots on your back muscles, then this product is ideal for you. Whether your back muscles are sore or you just want to get relief from stress-induced back pain, this product will smoothly massage your back.

Its dual revolving heads produce percussion massages and their speeds adjustable. You can choose any of the following massage heads – Gentle massage, Firm Massage, and Soothing heat – for a thorough massage experience. The latter option is very efficient in getting rid of the pain in your upper back.


  • It comes with soothing heat feature which works great when massaging your back muscles
  • Its weight is expertly balanced and comes with rubber-wrapped handles to ensure strong week
  • It is designed for maximum comfort and ease of use
  • It comes with variable speed control
  • Dual rotating heads
  • It comes with three made-to-order massage attachments – Gentle, Firm and Soothing heat – to enhance user’s massage experience
  • It packs a lot of punch when in use which makes it work efficiently in massaging user’s back muscles.
  • This product comes with an extensive two-year limited warranty


  • It is not recommended for use by diabetics
  • It produces irritating noises when in use
  • It vibrates in user’s hands when in use, therefore, care must be taken to prevent injury to oneself.


3. WAHL 4290-300 Deep Tissue Massager

The goals of most product is to relieve users from fatigue and pain. This product is no different as it is specifically designed to work on your back muscles therapeutically. The neck massager is equipped with adjustable power for mild to deep massages.

It is a percussion item that kneads your muscles deeply, thus helping to relieve as well as relax the muscles of your back and do away with soreness and tightness in your muscles. Its ergonomic design makes this percussion massager very user-friendly.


  • It comes with four attachments namely, the Four Finger Flex, the Wide Flat Disk, the Accupoint and the Deep Muscle all geared towards enhanced therapeutic massage experience.
  • It comes with a powerful motor that generates up to 3,350 pulses each minute.
  • Its use of percussion technology offers a deep massage experience
  • It is capable of relieving every type of muscle tightness and soreness
  • Ergonomically designed for easy usage by any adult
  • Adjustable intensity provides a personalized massage experience from a gentle or mildly soft massage to deep and revitalizing massage experience
  • Corded power delivers concentrated power to the muscles of your back
  • It is portable which makes the product usable anywhere


  • Users have complained that the connector from rotor to the massager is made of fragile plastic that breaks easily
  • Users have complained of its weight being too heavy for use
  • Minor bruising have been experienced by users

Benefits of using a Back Massager

  • You can take care of any pain you may be feeling at your upper and lower back.
  • A good back massager helps to accelerate healing processes if you have ever had a back injury.
  • Using a back massager promotes better circulation of blood in your body thus stimulating your wellbeing.
  • A good massage will coerce your brain to let ‘feel-good’ chemicals loose in your body which will, in turn, bring about the relaxation of the whole body.
  • If you sit for very extended periods of time behind a desk, you will be extremely familiar with lower back pain. Back massagers enable you to relieve the pain in your lower back and be rid of any form of discomfort.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Using a Back Massager?

This question is an excellent one, and we will be pointing out some downsides to using back massagers:

  • Since your body can only turn a few degrees, you may not be able to reach some areas of your body
  • If you are not experienced or have fast learning abilities, you may find it difficult to master the usage of neck massagers. You may have to take lessons or watch videos online that will teach you what to do.
  • You need a lot of time to master the use of neck massagers as well as to carry out the massage process proper. The limitations of your body may not give you ample time to do this effectively.

Types of back massagers

Relieving fatigue and stress should be your goal anytime your muscles begin acting up by becoming tight or sore. Yes, massage parlors and spas were created just for this purpose: to help people to alleviate pain in their muscles.

But most of these establishments are usually expensive, and you may be too busy to make out time to visit any of them. Buying and using a back massager is the best option for you since some of the best back massagers can be used almost anywhere.

Back massagers are of various types. Let us examine each one of them:

1. Shiatsu Massage Cushion

This type of back massager can be used conveniently in your home. All you have to do is to plug it into a power outlet, sit on it and then indicate your preferred settings using the remote control.

Within a minute or two, the massage action is underway as the moving massage apparatus travels up and down your back, relieving tension and stiffness in your muscles while enhancing blood circulation.

The vibrating motors of this type of back massager (which can be found at the hip) also help to relax your body while reinforcing metabolism.

2. Percussion Back Massager

This back massager is also of the handheld variety. But do not worry as models of these types of back massagers are easy to hold when in use, at least long enough to enable the user to reach the sore points on your back.

The heavier variety of this type of back massagers delivers pressure on the muscles of your back. Some also come with a heat feature which you can easily turn on to help you in loosening tight muscles as quickly as possible.

You can alter the speed, and some models come with adjustable heat feature (depending on your personal preference, of course.)

3. Vibration Massager

The vibration back massager, especially the type that employs the use of heat, palliate the sore and tired muscles in your back.

This massager also works (sometimes) by making the affected area numb. If you decide to go for this type of back massager, make sure to find out if its frequency is adjustable or not.

4. Kneading Massager

This type of back massager delivers pressurized and steady action on the muscles of your back via small rollers. When these rollers are in action, you will begin to feel as if the massage is being carried out by a professional therapist since the rollers correctly simulate the hands of a masseuse.

Some brands have their rotation that works in an inward or outward motion, while other models work vice versa. Some even offer a combination of both types of movements. Kneading back massagers improves your energy levels and also enhances circulation of blood in the human body.

5. Cane/Hook Massager

This type of massager offers only a short-term relief from stiffness, soreness, and tension in your muscles. It is a handheld device for self-massaging your back without difficulty.

It gets rid of any form of stress in your back while improving the circulation of blood. Even individuals who suffer from chronic back pain or injuries, as well as muscle surgeries, have commended the effectiveness of this device in their progress towards healing.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Back Massager That Your Money Can Buy

1. Area of Massage: Some massagers are designed in such a way that they cater for your back and neck, while others are created to take care of only your back. You need to be sure of what you want since there are combination neck and back massagers as well for additional versatility.

2. Modus Operandi: Massagers employ different techniques when it comes to massaging any area of your body, especially your back. For instance, the Shiatsu technique is focused on kneading your muscles, and because it works more on pressure points.

It is considered to be the best and most beneficial of them all, especially when it comes to alleviating long-term stress. Massagers that employ the vibration technique gently undo the tightness of your muscles through locally confined buzzing action.

These types of massagers are the best for soothing sensitive and sore areas of the body. Massagers that combine both methods exist, and some even make use of heat for a maximum soothing experience.

3. Modes: One thing that is constant in life, as long as you’re alive, is that you will always combat one form of stress or the other every day. Therefore, you cannot prevent some aches and pains that may arise from different parts of your body from time to time.

Purchasing a massager that has several modes will go a long way in helping to alleviate such pains and aches. Massagers come designed to take care of specific groups of muscles while some are designed to take care of your entire body.

If you can get massagers that can switch from one mode to another, your massage experience will be greatly enhanced, and programs will ensure that you remained fresh and invigorated every day. You can get your hands on massagers which have easily accessible controls for increasing or decreasing the intensity of the device and be your old self again in just a few minutes.

4. Size and Weight: The size, as well as the weight of the massager you want to buy, must be taken into consideration as well. Some massagers, which are capable of massaging the entire body, can easily be folded up for easy transportation.

Some back massagers can effortlessly fit into your luggage or backpack which makes them ideal anytime you travel or go to work. These factors also determine how simple it is to use massagers. It is advisable, therefore, that you set your sights on back massagers that are almost weightless since you won’t have to go to the extra trouble of moving and holding them when in use.

How Do I Choose The Best Back Massagers?

The following factors should be at the back of your mind as you shop around for your ideal back massager:

  1. Benefits – The most important factor to remember is that you are buying this massager to get rid of the aches, pains, tightness and stress in your back. Make sure that the back massager your sights are set on can deliver on this as well as other fringe benefits, too.
  2. User-friendliness – You should try to know how to operate the massager before paying for it. This may not be possible if you buy the device online, but by reading the reviews of the best neck massagers out there, you should know the types that are easy to use without difficulty. If the back massager is easy to use, you can be sure that everyone in your family will know how to make use of it as well.
  3. Features – Most of these back massagers are easy to hold and should be able to reach your back without difficulty. Ensure that you can quickly adjust the speed of the back massager to your preferred choice. The material used in manufacturing the back massager also matters as this will determine its durability and usability.  Back massagers with heat features work extremely well when it comes to soothing pain in your back muscles, so check the back massager you have in mind to purchase whether it has this feature or not.
  4. Support and Warranty – The last thing you should check is if there is adequate customer support in case you encounter problems or difficulties with the product. You should also find out the warranty it covers. A majority of back massagers, whether manually operated or not, are covered by a one-year warranty.


We believe that we have supplied the needed information that will help you make the best choice when it comes to buying the best back massagers in the market. Spending time in massage parlors or spas is not only costly but may not even offer the best at all times.

There is almost no massage institution that does not charge shocking amounts of money for just one unrepeatable massage session which may not even the pains in your back muscles permanently. Buying any of the best back massagers here will improve the quality of your life and you will always be revitalized at all times.

Some of your friends will even think you drink an elixir that keeps you strong and invigorated at all times! Get your hands on the best back massagers today and be free from stress-induced pain for the rest of your life!

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