2017 Best Foot Massager That Fits Your Budget – Reviews & Comparison

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The part of the human body that is often overused every single day is the feet. Unless you move around in a wheelchair, the only way to transport thyself from one point to another is via the use of your feet.

If you commute to work every day, the chances are that you have, at one time or the other, almost missed the bus or subway train and ended standing on your feet for the whole journey. At the end of the day, you came back home all tired and worn out.

Getting a foot rub will be in order, for that is one of the only painless ways of alleviating pain, improving the circulation of blood in your lower limbs as well as replenishment of lost energy.

The problem is, you don’t have the time to pay for the services of a masseuse. How then can you get this done while enjoying the comfort of your home? It is by getting yourself one of the best foot massagers that your budget can fit in.

Top 3 Best Foot Massager That Fits Your Budget

Improve your overall health, especially that of your feet by getting informed on the top three massagers for foot in the market today. At the end of this review, it is our hope you will have been adequately informed and be able to make the best buying decision of your life.

Let’s get right down to it, shall we?

  1. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager – This powerful and yet portable foot massager, tops the list of the top three massagers on the market today. This massager from Belmint relieves your tired feet even faster than a professional masseuse will, and by the time you are through, the circulation of blood in your feet will have been correctly restored and improved. It is compactly designed such that you can easily carry it with you whenever you have to travel outside of your locality and can easily be stored away without taking up too much space.


  • It delivers on its promise of relieving your tired muscles
  • It improvise the flow of blood in your feet
  • It is capable of massaging both feet at once, saving you a lot of time
  • It has easily adjustable power, vibration intensity, and heat function controls
  • It gives you a more personal experience
  • It is easy to clean


  • It is not so suitable for people with large feet
  • It only gets to work on the sides and bottom of your feet and neglects the top of your feet


  1. TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller – If you have been experiencing foot pain for a while or always feel sore from walking or standing all day, then the TheraFlow Massager Roller is for you. It is pocket-friendly and is one of the simplest foot massage devices that offer an effective solution to a painful pair of feet.


  • It comes in pairs, which means it can be used on both feet at the same time
  • It is very affordable
  • It comes designed with ten rows and broad enough to fit any pair of feet
  • It works for any pair of feet with high or low arches
  • It is portable and can be used anywhere
  • It can be stowed away without fear of taking up too much space
  • Ridges and nubs are specifically designed to get rid of tension and knots from your feet as well as stimulating and relaxing the soft tissues on both feet
  • It helps to improve circulation and blood flow
  • It is easy to use
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed by manufacturer or get your money back with no questions asked


  • First-time users may experience sore feet for a short while
  • It can be a bit noisy
  • It does not have electronic features that appeal to a majority of users
  1. Beurer Foot Massager – When it comes to the bestselling foot massagers available in the market today, you can do no better than getting your hands on this product. The Beuser Massager comes with an in-built heat function which helps to soothe your feet while using the Shiatsu technique of massage. This technique originated from Asia and is known to loosen muscle and tension from your tissues effectively. This deluxe massager is a delight to us any time, any day and you will have no reason to visit the spa just because of a foot massage.


  • It can easily be adjusted to makes allowance for comfortable placement
  • Its surface is made of soft mesh material which lets in air while getting rid of moisture
  • Its heat function capability provides soothing relief for tense feet and also deepens the massage experience
  • It comes with adjustable functionalities which allow you to choose your preferred strength when massaging
  • It comes with eighteen different massage heads or modes which enhance your massage experience
  • Its height can be modified to suit your choice by engaging the use of twisting pegs at its bottom
  • It is portable and lightweight which means it can be utilized at home, on your patio or even at the office
  • It is very affordable despite its rich features
  • Users can begin to experience healing effects almost immediately


  • The stimulation may prove to be too much for some folks
  • It surrounds only a portion of the foot instead of the whole foot
  • The massage experience is a bit below par which is a bit disappointing
  • The heat function may not be as intense as it is believed to be

Benefits of using foot massagers

Foot massagers emulate the hands and fingers of professional therapists when it comes to getting rid of pain or aches in your feet. Massaging your feet is not all about getting it done within the four walls of your home. It is about enjoying the advantages that come with a professional foot massage which includes getting rid of pain, etc.

Several other benefits also abound when you rub your feet as reflexologists, and medical doctors have corroborated the use of any of the best foot massagers and these benefits.

  • Reduces edema around the feet – Females are usually the worst hit when it comes to excessive buildup of fluid between tissue cells. This could be as a result of their penchant for wearing high heels. Getting a good feet massage not only reduces edema but also lessens the risks of a blood clot in your veins.
  • Aids people with flat feet and those suffering from Plantar Fasciitis – People with flat feet have loose ligaments (a condition known as ligament laxity), and this leads to the collapsing of the arches in the feet. It can be a little inconvenient anytime such individuals engage in physical activities. Plantar Fasciitis, on the other hand, is a condition which sufferers continue to experience pain as a result of inflammation and deterioration of the heels. Both of these conditions can be managed effectively using foot massagers.
  • Respite and serenity – The solar plexus reflex is a point that is present in the feet, and when it gets deeply massaged, you will experience an immediate reduction of pain, intense relief, and deep relaxation, thus fostering a great sensation of serenity.
  • Enhanced blood circulation – If you lead a sedentary life, which could be as a result of sitting behind a desk for extended periods or driving long distances, then that implies you don’t get to use most of your muscles. Your feet also join in the suffering as well, and only a good foot massage will help you to loosen up.
  • Assists in getting rid of toxins from the blood – Stress can bring about limited blood circulation, and this prevents the adequate transportation of oxygen as well as other essential nutrients to other parts of the body. A decrease in the flow of blood also leads to an excessive buildup of toxins and other harmful wasted in the blood stream, leaving your body in a precarious state. When you undergo a sufficient foot massage, the flow of blood will be enhanced almost immediately, and every cell will receive adequate nutrients as well as oxygen that are appropriate for them within a short time.
  • Prevention and healing of ankle and foot injuries – Anyone that suffers from ankle or injury to the feet begin to experience progressive healing when they receive good massages. Prevention, though, is better than cure which is why athletes are usually advised to embark on minor stretching exercises before starting any sporting activity.
  • Renewed energy – If you need a remarkable boost of energy, a good foot massage will surprisingly give you just that. any energy that is stored in your body is released when your feet is massaged.
  • Healthier Sleep – A foot massager is capable of relieving you of the stress you have undergone during the day and gets you in the right mental condition that engenders a good night’s sleep. Stress is a known robber of sleep in the lives of many individuals, but a good foot rub will get rid of it as quick as lightning.
  • Fights depression – A clinical study that was conducted a few years ago divulged a shocking secret; a good foot massage can fight depression. The likelihood of this happening is not unconnected with the ability of these massagers to relieve stress that occurs during the day. So, if you have been experiencing bouts of depression, get yourself one of the massagers for foot in the market.
  • Lessens blood pressure – Foot massages work wonders on the blood pressure, reducing (to a very great extent) the risks of cardiac-related ailments. Focusing on the solar plexus point is crucial if your aim is to lower your blood pressure, though it is often advised that the entire feet should be massaged thoroughly.

Types and features of foot massagers

There are several types of foot massagers out there, and we have taken the pain off you by listing the existing types as well as their respective features in this information-packed product review:

Electric foot massager – these type of massager runs on electricity engage the use of electrically powered motors that vibrate by employing oscillation or by the use of rolling heads for the feet. These types of foot massagers also come with additional features such as heat for your feet which enhance the massage experience. They do not run on batteries.

Manual foot massager – These types of massagers come equipped with a ball on which you will roll your feet on. Some unique types make use of multiple rollers which cover the entire bottom of your feet. A majority of these foot massager are affordable but must be operated manually.

Infrared foot massager – These types of massager utilize heat and are excellent for massaging your calves and feet.

Shiatsu foot massager – This type of massagers was designed after the Japanese system of kneading the feet. Shiatsu foot massager mimic the hands of a massage therapist via vibrators, rotating heads and heating elements.

Water foot massager – These types of massagers employ the use of water with lights, heat, bubbles, vibration and massage.

Some of the features that you may come across when searching for the ideal foot massager for you are

  • Multiple speeds
  • Cushioning
  • Remote control units
  • Thermal units
  • Pressure point functionalities which use air or no air
  • Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Portability

Massaging devices are not for everyone. If you fall under any of the following categories, you should seek the advice of a medical practitioner before making use of any device for massage:

  • Anyone who has in implanted medical device in their bodies
  • Anyone who has artificial joints or implants in their bodies
  • Anyone with pins and screws embedded in them
  • Anyone with a pacemaker or heart condition
  • Anyone with joint dysfunctions, injuries or inflammation or weak bones
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • Any individual suffering from either thrombosis, diabetes, phlebitis or any other severe illness
  • Any person who has recently undergone surgery

Guidelines to follow when using a foot massager

  • Never place a cover on top of a foot massager
  • Always use electric outlets for foot massagers that utilize electricity and never attempt to use batteries to power them
  • Always position the massager at a location with good currents of air when in use, especially if you are using the types that employ the use of heat
  • Make sure you unplug your massager anytime it is not in use
  • When using your massager, let it run at low revs for about five minutes, then slowly increase its speed and time.
  • You should be patient for about twenty to thirty minutes before you will begin to experience the benefits of having your foot massaged
  • Massaging your feet (or any part of your body for that matter) increases the circulation of blood in your body. When this happens, you may begin to feel itchy. This is not a harmful occurrence; all you need to do is to move the foot massager to a better location or position
  • Most foot massagers are light enough to be taken anywhere

Challenges faced when using foot massagers

Most of these foot massagers, especially the ones that employ the use of electricity, require that users are at least mildly tech-savvy. One of the issues that endear consumers to a product is its ease of use. Some foot massagers are complex and senior citizens may find them a bit difficult to operate without the help of a tech-savvy individual. The best type of foot massagers to purchase for the elderly should be the ones that can easily be operated using the toes. So ensure that you check out the features of any of the top foot massagers on this list before making a buying decision (i.e. if you intend to buy it for an aged loved one).

Get yourself a good foot massager and you will be shocked at the tremendous improvement it would bring to your overall well-being.

Final thoughts about foot massagers

When it comes to balancing and support, as well as mobility, our feet come out tops. Walking barefoot is a thing of the past and because we encase our feet in tight-fitting footwear for several hours during the day, we end up getting unduly stressed. Walking barefooted is the best option since the sand naturally massages our feet. But in these days where most of us wear tight-fitting boots, stiletto high heeled and pointed toes shoes our feet are exposed to severe damage that is beyond comprehension.

The top three foot massagers will suit most individuals, thanks to their great features and most of them are moderately expensive. This means that anyone on a budget can easily afford any of the foot massagers listed here. The choice is yours to make, though your budget goes a long way in determining your final decision. It is generally assumed that the more expensive a product is, the better they are. This is not always true, but that is a discussion for another day. Each of the top three best foot massagers have been reviewed objectively with your best interest at heart.


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