2017 Best Neck Massager Reviews

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Almost 20% of Americans who hustle day and night for daily bread experience neck pain. Most of the causes of pains in the neck and shoulder regions respectively are as a result of everyday activities such as sitting in a hunched posture in front of a computer, carrying loads in a particular way that is detrimental to your health, or general body posture.

However, neck injuries can also arise from whiplash, straining of muscles as well as arthritis, all of which are more serious ailments that one should watch out for and calls for a serious medical checkup.

Nevertheless, any form of neck pain calls for manual therapy or by employing the use of neck massagers. We will be sorting through the top three best neck massagers that are budget-friendly and effective.

Top 3 Best Neck Massagers

A neck massager is a device that, when used, releases the pain as well as the tension that is felt in the neck. The pain or tension could be as a result of the daily stress or wrong sleeping or sitting posture.

We will be checking out the top three best neck massagers that fit your budget:

1. Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager

If you are an athlete, office worker, or someone suffering from neck, shoulder or back pain, then this neck massager is for you. It comes with four massage nodes that effectively knead away tension, muscle knots and tightness in the neck.

These massage heads imitate the Shiatsu-style of massage by employing the use of heat and rolling effects that is synonymous to human hands while changing direction every minute. This product is compactly designed such that you can take it with you when traveling or to the office.

Comes equipped with convenient yet sturdy adjustable straps that secure the product to your chair. It can be used at your office, in your car or at home.


  • It alleviates pain and tension in your muscles
  • It enhances blood circulation
  • Comes with a one-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee if product fails to work as expected
  • Long-lasting pillow
  • People with neck spasms or disorders like fibromyalgia had obtained relief when they used this product
  • It comes with a car charger
  • It is lightweight, which makes it very portable
  • It is affordable


  • The Shiatsu massage feature may be too forceful for some users
  • Users may need to bend their necks to one side for an effective massage experience


2. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

There are muscles in your neck and back that are hard to reach. This product is the best neck massager that will not only reach those muscles but will smoothly massage your neck and shoulder regions.

It comes with a specialized heat feature that makes users enjoy deeper massagers and end up feeling relieved and relaxed. The application of heat during massage procedures have been proven to increase the experience of users while providing comfort at the same time.


  • It is very powerful despite its compact size
  • It is portable enough to be carried and used anywhere you go
  • Its heating feature works excellently well to knead away tension and stress from the neck
  • It is a versatile product, able to mold itself to the outline of the neck and other parts of the body as well
  • It comes equipped with an automatic time that allows the rollers to change directions at the end of every minute.
  • It also comes with an automatic switch off feature which turns off the massager after about twenty minutes of continuous usage.
  • The heating feature can easily be turned off
  • It comes with a car and wall charger
  • It is easy to use
  • Its competitive pricing is a breath of fresh air when compared to other neck massagers in its class
  • The unit can be replaced in case user experience any manufacturing defects


  • Users need to plug it into a power outlet before making use of this product
  • Minor complaints from customers about early aging of its motor
  • Users have also experienced minor defects such as the malfunction of the heating feature


3. New Five Star FS8801 Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

For people who love the Shiatsu experience without having to spend a fortune, this product is right up your alley. It comes with eight kneading rollers as well as a heating feature that can be switched on and off easily.

Changing the direction of the rotation is a breeze and is the best choice for anyone suffering from chronic pain in the neck. It also comes with a car adapter, which implies that you can take it with you on any trip; just get yourself into position on the back seat and get a good massage.

It is exactly what you need after a hard day’s work. It is adaptable not only to massage your neck but your shoulders, back and even your foot as well.


  • It is a bi-directional neck massager i.e. it come with two massage directions
  • It works effectively enough to alleviate sore spots
  • It shuts itself down automatically after fifteen minutes of usage
  • The heat feature can be controlled easily without hassle
  • It works excellently well for people with rheumatoid arthritis
  • It is a versatile neck massager that works for your neck, shoulders, arms, legs and even your feet
  • It is affordable and easy to use
  • Saves you money on spa visits
  • It comes with two adapters; one car adapter and an AC adapter for plugging into the mains power at home
  • It comes with a three-year warranty for additional peace of mind


  • Not ideal for use by anyone that has a pacemaker
  • You may need to wear a shirt, so you don’t get hurt by the heat feature and abrasive cover of the rollers
  • Its power cord is not as long as it should be, so you may have to use it by sitting close to a power outlet
  • Rollers tend to make bothersome sounds on occasion

Benefits of Owning and Using Neck Massagers

Owning and using a neck massager will give you loads of benefits. With a neck massager, you don’t need to spend a fortune on visiting the local spa; you can easily save that money for use on another worthy cause.

You can make use of your neck massager when you are at home, in your office or even while driving to work. That implies that you will also be saving a lot of time which you can invest in doing something else that adds meaning to your life.

A lot of the activities we get involved in daily like desk jobs, driving or sports can contribute to the pain, knots, muscle spasms, and tight muscles of the neck and shoulders. Even when you take a wrong sleeping posture while asleep or you don’t get to make use of good pillows and support, you may wake up with a stiff neck.

When you have and use your neck massager, getting rid of all such pains in your neck and shoulders will be faster without the need for a visit to the local spa.

Benefits of Neck Massages

But do I need a neck massage, you ask? The answer is yes, you do if you want to be rid of the pain in your body as a result of the buildup of tension and muscle tightness in your body. It is the best way to relax as well as to relieve stress and improve flexibility.

1. The Release of Endorphins – The only avenue by which tension and pain are alleviated in your neck region is by the use of a good neck massager. When massaging your neck, your brain is softly coerced into discharging endorphins into your bloodstream.

These endorphins will aid in melting away the stress as well as the pressure that has built up in your muscles during the day, thus making you feel better and energized.

2. Enhanced Mental Capabilities – This may be a bit surprising, but it has been discovered and proven that a good neck massage can boost mental clarity and improve focus.

Chronic neck pain has the power to distract you from working to your full potential, but by using a good neck massager, you will be rid of all the tightness and knots in your neck in no time at all!

3. Massaging Your Neck Promotes Good Sleep – Some neck pains are so chronic that you may find difficulty getting to sleep at night. Depriving yourself of sleep is not a healthy thing for your body and may lead to other serious health issues.

But by purchasing and making use of any of the best neck massagers in the market today, you will be able to relax those tight muscles in your neck that rob you of a good night’s sleep. In fact, you will have no need of those sleeping pills or have to drink yourself to stupor because your neck massager will put your body in the right frame and you will soon drift off to sleep faster than you can blink!

4. Boost Your Energy Level – Massages are known for unwinding and relaxing the body and mind. But don’t be surprised to find out that an effective neck massage also revitalizes your mind and body.

The endorphins we mentioned earlier also play a part in this, and your body will begin to repair itself, and you will be on your way to a full recovery of lost energy.

5. Effective Meditation – For you to enjoy the art of meditation, your body needs to be in perfect form. That means you must not be experiencing any pains that may distract you from slipping into that trance-like state.

A good neck massage (and other forms of massages as well) will not only alleviate tightness, tension or pain in your muscles but will help to recalibrate and readjust your mind and body. You will be able to enjoy a tremendous massage experience without any difficulty.

6. Hastens the Recovery of Your Muscles – When you make use of any of the best neck massagers in the market today, your muscles will accelerate towards recovery. So in case you have been involved in any accident (where you experienced what is known as ‘whiplash’), using a neck massager will hasten the healing process.

7. Enhance Flexibility – Neck massagers are known to improve the flexibility of muscles when used from time to time.

Guide to Finding a Good Neck Massager – What Do You Need to Look Out For?

Buying a neck massager is not the problem; the problem is, what do you have to look out for before fishing out your credit card and paying for a neck massager?

We have helped you in this regard by giving you details about the top three best neck massagers in the market. However, there are certain features that you should look out for even as you shop around on the internet or in your local stores for the best neck massagers that are pocket-friendly.

1. Shiatsu Compliant

Shiatsu is a method of massage that originated from Japan and mimics human palms, thumbs, and elbows. The Japanese have excellent knowledge of pressure points which, when the right pressure is applied, repairs the body and restores it to its normal state.

Sometimes, however, kneading balls that come with most neck massagers may bring about one form of discomfort or the other. But then, if it were to be a therapist’s hands massaging your neck, you will still feel uncomfortable for a while.

Neck massagers also incorporate the use of heat (infrared) which helps in enhancing the circulation of blood in the neck and the regions around your shoulders.

2. Heat (infrared)

A good neck massager should have an infrared heat feature which can be controlled with ease. Massagers use infrared heat to soothe as well as to lessen pain and work on tight muscles to relax.

The excellent ones also have adjustable and rotating heads which enable users to enjoy a Shiatsu experience when massaged. They must also be very portable so that they can be used at home in the car or at the office.

3. The Size of the Neck Massager

You also need to consider the size of the neck massager you intend to purchase since they come in different sizes. Small sizes are suitable for use around the base of your neck while the bigger ones cover a lot more muscle space.

4. Percussion as against Vibration

Another component to take into consideration when searching for the ideal neck massager is whether you prefer percussion neck massagers or vibration massagers. Percussion neck massagers engage the use of what is known as solenoids (these are coils of wire that convert electrical energy into kinetic (motion) energy to bring about profound percussion massages) which give users powerful and deep percussion massages for your neck, shoulder muscles, back, and legs.

Vibration neck massagers, on the other hand, vibrate across the surface of your muscles while superficially kneading your muscles. It employs the use of heat for soothing sore and tired muscles as well as loosening any tightness in the muscles of the neck, shoulders or back.

Vibration neck massagers are usually wrapped around the neck and embrace the back of your neck in such a way that you begin to experience profound therapeutic benefits via vibration almost as soon as it contacts your skin.

5. Power

Before paying for the neck massager of your choice, endeavor to check the energy that drives it (power). Percussion neck massagers use more energy to permeate muscles; therefore, most of them range between 25w and 45w.

Heat and vibration play significant roles in getting rid of tension and tightness in the muscles. Each feature can be used in conjunction with each other or independently, though it has been discovered that Shiatsu form of massage may be too intense for some people.

Nevertheless, when these features are in place on a neck massager, you will have no reason to visit a massage therapist, and you will be able to save a lot of your money and time as well.


  1. Neck massagers (and indeed any type of massager) are for use by adults only.
  2. Remove all necklaces, scarves, neckties and jewelry before using any massager.
  3. Users who suffer from thrombosis, diabetes, phlebitis and high blood pressure must not make use of the product.
  4. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not it.
  5. If you have a pacemaker or any other medical device implanted in your body, do not use a neck massager
  6. If you have pins, screws or artificial joints, stay away from it.
  7. Don’t use a it in a bathtub or you may end up being electrocuted.


So have you made up your mind on the type of neck massager to purchase? This review was fully researched and written to ensure that you have high-quality information packaged in one place regarding the use, benefits and types of massagers in the market.

If your aim is to eliminate pain and tension in your muscles, or to improve blood circulation, buying any of the best massagers will do that for you and even more. They are inexpensive and the best alternatives to paying for specialized massaging treatments. So do your body a world of good by purchasing any of the best neck massagers today!

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